[AnimeMQ] AnimeSydney Freezes Over

Semester’s over! School’s out! It’s finally winter, so it’s high time to ice things up! What better way is there to break the ice before camp comes around than one last meet up? Pack your thickest, cosiest socks and come chill out with us and have an ice time – AnimeSydney is heading to the […]


AnimeMQ Games Day and Laser Bowling Night! Round II

It’s happening again, just right after the end of the exam period! For those who don’t know what Games Day is, it’s one of AnimeMQ ‘s traditions to gather our members together to enjoy a day full of fun, games and socialising on our OWN TURF (Macquarie and surrounds) Ranging from board/card games to video […]

Games Day Change of Date

Due to issues faced by the Exectuives team, we have decided to push the Games Day (initially for Wednesday 1st of July) back to Tuesday, the 30th of June. We have not cancelled the event and we still plan to have immense competitive fun on that day with everyone in the club. So don’t skimp […]

Semester Break Schedule

  Hey guys, for you guys that are regular visitors on the website, I (the webmaster) am very very sorry that I haven’t been regularly posting like I should be. Truth is I’m currently going through the last 2 and a half weeks of my Diploma. Afterwards, I will be posting more frequently. But for […]

AnimeSydney Maid Cafe – Final Menu details

Hello guys! For those of you who were heading to our AnimeSydney Maid Cafe down at Abbotsford tomorrow, we have the final menu prices and details up and going. I have an image of the menu uploaded to this post so you guys can check it out and see what you can fill your bellies […]