Temp Loans Location

Attention members. For those of you awaiting news on possible changes for the location of loans library and screenings, we have a new spot to go to on Wednesdays for Loans. Starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks we will be hosting Loans Library at C10A on Level 3, the Lindsay Room. At least now […]

Loans Library, Weiss Schwarz, Doodle Bar!

Hey guys and girls! We hope you all had a spectacular outing at the AnimeMQ Welcome Party this week. It was an amazing night and we all had a blast meeting all new members and celebrating to our hearts content. Congrats to our prize winners and our comedic, entertaining and creative trivia teams! Now that […]

animemq party image

AnimeMQ Semester 1 Welcome Party

After the spark of O-Week was lit, AnimeMQ came prepared for a brand new year, and now with O-Week finished, we turn to the next event and the first of our exciting events this year – the AnimeMQ Welcoming Party! The Welcoming party is our first truly large event of the year, for both returning […]

Greetings for Semester 1, 2015

Hello and greetings to both new and returning members to what we hope to be an awesome year! If you missed out on renewing membership this year with us at O-Week, don’t stress, you will get the chance to sign up at the official AnimeMQ Semester 1 Welcoming Party next Wednesday (February 4). Just a […]



WELCOME STUDENTS AND CURRENT/FUTURE MEMBERS OF THE ANIMEMQ CLUB! O-WEEK BEGINS TODAY!!! Wondering where on campus we are this O- Week? Relax! We are on the lower side of the Atrium of C10A in the patio area, in stall 29 with the Japanese Association at Macquarie (JAM). BTW,┬áCosplay to uni on Thursday (26 Feb) and […]