Tuesday Screenings
WHERE: C4A 325 WHEN: 2-4PM
This semester we will continue in the same vein as we did previously and screen whatever those attending wish to watch. That could mean a random series every week, or several episodes of one series during the session!

Loans Library
Loans Library is now officially up and running.
The Loans Library for this semester will take place in the E8A/B courtyard and will run from 12.30-3pm on Wednesdays. All anime distributed will be done so digitally through our collection of hard drives. So feel free to bring laptops and/or hard drives so you can get your hands on plenty of anime titles. If it is wet weather, then we move the Loans Library to the Atrium.

Thursday Screenings
WHERE: C5A 310 WHEN: 2-4PM
Our Thursday screening is focused on comedy, so be ready for some laughs that hurt your sides XD. We will be bringing in two anime which you guys can choose from:
1. Nichijou 2. Carnival Phantasm