AnimeMQ Semester 2 Begins!
Keep on the update for all upcoming AnimeMQ events, including our loans library, conventions, parties, special events, and most of all our weekly Screenings - hot picks for screenings include Sword Art Online 2 and Sailor Moon Crystal!

AnimeMQ Back to School Party
We will be celebrating the start of Semester 2 with a huge party where all members of the AnimeMQ club are invited for a night of snacks, games, anime trivia and screenings!!

Loans Library
Loans Library is now officially up and running.
The Loans Library for this semester will take place in the E8A/B courtyard and will run from 12.30-3pm on Wednesdays. All anime distributed will be done so digitally through our collection of hard drives. So feel free to bring laptops and/or hard drives so you can get your hands on plenty of anime titles.