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Absence broken! – Events this Week!!!

Hey guys. For those of you who use our site, just getting a few things cleared up. For some time now our website has been down, thanks in part to GoDaddy’s latest update. However recently the site has been fixed up again and we are back in commission! Keeping this in mind, we have a […]

AnimeMQ 5th Weiss Schwarz Tournament

Friendly reminder: This event is open to Club Members and the Public) Guaranteed Award Pool: 1st:- 2nd: 3BP + PR Playmat or PR Deckbox + PR card + CoBack PR Pack 3rd – 5th: 2BP + PR Deckbox Box + PR Card 6th – 8th: 1BP + PR Box + PR Card 9th+ : 1BP + […]

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AnimeSydney Saturday Sakura Viewing!

Hey everybody, it’s almost Spring and to celebrate this transition of seasons, we have our annual Cherry Blossom viewing event with our AnimeSydney friends. Yay! As the name suggests, we’re going to go watch pink petals fall from trees as we eat food. Watching sakura petals fall is pretty high up the to-do-list of events […]

anime sydney band night

AnimeSydney Band Night this weekend!!

HEY EVERYONE! Thanks to everybody who attended SMASH! and who dropped by to check our stall out there. But you know what they say, ‘where one door closes, another opens.’ And that is the case with our upcoming AnimeSydney Don’t forget that the AnimeSydney Band Night is happening on 15 August which is only four […]

anime party 2015

AnimeMQ Sem2 Welcome Party and SMASH 2015

For all you new initiates and veterans of the AnimeMQ club, just a reminder that the official AnimeMQ Welcome Party for Semester 2 is one tomorrow night at 6pm. Hosted by our illustrious executives and club heads, we are set to host an exciting evening that will be filled with music, games, pizza, trivia contests, […]