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AnimeSydney@Abbotsford Maid Cafe

Welcome to the AnimeSydney@Abbotsford Maid Cafe! We are proud to present this exciting new project in collaboration with our wonderful sponsors Anime@Abbotsford, happening on the 9th of May. This event will be your chance to experience a Japanese anime themed maid cafe here in Sydney. With everything from cute maids and stylish butlers to delicious […]

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AnimeSydney Gunpla!!!

Hey guys for all you Gundam fans out there, its finally here!! To begin our series of Gunpla session our very first one will be Beginners Friendly! Our sponsors at HobbyCo are giving us an epic opportunity with discounts at their QVB store all day for Anime Sydney card holders!! Wondering what to do with […]

Loans Library Update

Hey guys, sorry if it’s been a while, but dw the site is not dead. Just a quick update about Loans Library today. The location is now E6B 136, and we intend to have this as our permanent location for Loans Library and Weiss Schwarz on Wednesdays 12pm-5pm. Hopefully we’ll be seeing many members there […]

Temp Loans Location

Attention members. For those of you awaiting news on possible changes for the location of loans library and screenings, we have a new spot to go to on Wednesdays for Loans. Starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks we will be hosting Loans Library at C10A on Level 3, the Lindsay Room. At least now […]

Loans Library, Weiss Schwarz, Doodle Bar!

Hey guys and girls! We hope you all had a spectacular outing at the AnimeMQ Welcome Party this week. It was an amazing night and we all had a blast meeting all new members and celebrating to our hearts content. Congrats to our prize winners and our comedic, entertaining and creative trivia teams! Now that […]